Purchase Information


When you decide to purchase a Soviet car, you will only need to pay a 50% deposit that will reserve the vehicle until it comes to your door. If the vehicle is already located in the United States, this should take no longer than 1 week. If the vehicle is located in the former Soviet Union, this may take up to 40 days. When the vehicle is at your door, you will be send a payment link to pay the remaining 50%.

Do We Accept Payment Plans?

Yes, we do accept payment plans. After paying a 50% deposit, the remainder can be arranged on a monthly payment plan for up to a 1 year, at no additional cost. Please speak with us to learn the terms and conditions.

Can you get a refund?

After paying the 50% deposit, you can request a full refund or exchange within 48 hours, without a fee. If the car is already en route, we reserve the right to withhold the cost of shipping the vehicle from the refund.

Can you inspect the car before purchasing?

You sure can! If you are very serious about your purchase but have reservations, we can schedule a video call so you can see the car in person. If you would like this option, feel free to contact us through the contact form letting us know which car and time you would like to do the inspection.

Vehicle Registration

Each car will come with a notarized Bill Of Sale that is translated into English. Since we only deal with cars older than 1975, there will not be a required smog check. So the registration process will be very simple for you.

Do you need parts for your car?

No problem! As long as the vehicle was purchased from us, we can easily purchase and ship you the parts. Just let us know what you need. We will also provide you FREE shipping as long as the part isn’t urgent. It will be sent in the next container of vehicles we send. If the part is urgent, we will request that the air shipping costs by covered by you.