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Thank you for visiting our site. We are Soviet expat car enthusiasts with representatives in the USA and post-Soviet countries.

Find The Classic Soviet Car Of Your Dreams!

Do you want to drive a car that no one else has? Or have nostalgia for the former days of the Soviet Union? At Soviet Cars For Sale, we will find you the car of your dreams. Whether you would like a Gaz, Uaz, Lada, Volga, Zil or Mosckvich, we are your source. We have cars from mint condition to project cars. Need a parts car? No problem… just find your car and we’ll get it to you ASAP! Can’t find it in our listings? Reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help.

Who Are We and Why Do We Love Selling Soviet Cars?

Growing up in America, I was always fascinated with classic cars, from Mustangs, Camaro’s and Chargers… I’ve loved them all. But I always wondered what my parents, being immigrants from the former Soviet Union, drove around on. After doing my research, I narrowed a list of models that looked awesome and started looking for places to buy a car from. After struggling to find these vehicles in the USA, I took it upon myself to start my own company and sell these cars to people that will truly appreciate the history and mystique of owning a Soviet car. Hope you enjoy your purchase, comrade!

Popular Offers

1963 Volga GAZ 21

This car has stayed in one family since the day it was made. Painted 7 years ago. Perfect condition.

1967 Zaporozhets 965

The numbers of the body, engine, chassis 100% coincide with the data in the data sheet. Running gear, brake (bearings, hoses, rods, pendulum, pads, vehicle wheel cylinders) new. Lights-JAWA (old lady) -ideal. Mirrors Novye (Volga-21) .New battery .Seat salon, cards are changed Promovilen. Ceiling left native (1967) -suitable for replacement, if anything with VAZ-2104 with a margin. Toning. Engine assembled (Melitopol) - former minder of MMZ. Glushak, factory wiring (new). Everything is on, everything is blinking ... A lot of additional spare parts on sale - Wings, Half-axle with crosspieces (new in the collection of the USSR) Gas tank with all the bells and whistles, sidelights, relatives, etc. ... Something like this...

1967 Zaporozhets ZAZ 965

ZAZ 965 - I am the second owner and completed a 100% overhaul! - No rust - Soundproofing for a pleasant drive - Alarm, electric windows, electric locks. -When assembling, each bolt was smeared with nigrol. The car was completely sorted out everything was sorted out. The car was made for myself. Stored in a garage.

1968 Zaporozhets 965A

Car is in good working order. New battery, generator, oil, wires, etc.