Restored Soviet Cars

1967 Zaporozhets 965

The numbers of the body, engine, chassis 100% coincide with the data in the data sheet. Running gear, brake (bearings, hoses, rods, pendulum, pads, vehicle wheel cylinders) new. Lights-JAWA (old lady) -ideal. Mirrors Novye (Volga-21) .New battery .Seat salon, cards are changed Promovilen. Ceiling left native (1967) -suitable for replacement, if anything with VAZ-2104 with a margin. Toning. Engine assembled (Melitopol) - former minder of MMZ. Glushak, factory wiring (new). Everything is on, everything is blinking ... A lot of additional spare parts on sale - Wings, Half-axle with crosspieces (new in the collection of the USSR) Gas tank with all the bells and whistles, sidelights, relatives, etc. ... Something like this...

1967 Zaporozhets ZAZ 965

ZAZ 965 - I am the second owner and completed a 100% overhaul! - No rust - Soundproofing for a pleasant drive - Alarm, electric windows, electric locks. -When assembling, each bolt was smeared with nigrol. The car was completely sorted out everything was sorted out. The car was made for myself. Stored in a garage.

1969 Moskvich 412 IZH

This car works! On the move with a thorough engine overhaul. This car is a complete rarity and comes with some original spare parts.

1970 Volga GAZ 21

Auto GAZ 21 Volga, garage storage. Engine and gearbox with GAZ 24. Perfect condition, not broken, not painted! The body is without rust. On the go, everything works

1974 Moskvich 412

This Moskvich is in working and original condition. 88,185 km.

1974 Moskvich 412 (AZLK / IZH)

This car is a very well-preserved Moskvich 412, in excellent condition. No holes, on the go. Everything works fine. Good tires.

1974 Volga GAZ 24

Mostly original parts. Suited for everyday driving and collection. Great car!

1975 Moskvich 412 IZH

This car works and is in great shape!